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What are the ways to promote insulin secretion?

Insulin secretion is related to blood sugar. There are two forms of insulin secretion during the day: one is pulsed secretion, which is secreted every few minutes and is persistent. The other is high post-prandial secretion. After eating, as the blood sugar rises, the stimulated insulin secretion also increases accordingly to offset the rising blood sugar and maintain it at a normal level.
1, control weight: overweight, obesity, etc. may cause insulin resistance and insulin sensitivity decreased, in order to increase insulin secretion, patients should do the hormone to actively control weight, protect the normal function of insulin secretion from islet cells.
2, improve metabolic abnormalities: diabetic patients will be in hyperlipidemia, high blood viscosity, this state is also not conducive to increase insulin secretion, which requires positive improvement, thus helping patients to increase insulin secretion.
3, appropriate increase in exercise: suitable exercise can help patients with insulin, can help patients accelerate body muscles, fat, etc., for the use of glucose, so to increase insulin sensitivity to a certain extent, is also a way to improve insulin secretion method.
4, the appropriate dose: insulin dosage is different, should be fine-tuned according to changes in diet, exercise habits, in the daily life to make reasonable use of insulin can safely control blood sugar, can also help patients improve insulin secretion.
5. Use of insulin sensitizer: The use of insulin sensitizer is also a method, and the drugs that can be used are rosiglitazone, pioglitazone, metformin, and the like.