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What kinds of insulin ?

Diabetes is a common and certain genetic tendency endocrine metabolic disease, with chronic high blood glucose as its characteristics, the primary and secondary two. If the disease is not treated or controlled in time, it can cause complications such as cardiovascular, eye, kidney, nerve, and can induce coma under stress. Insulin is one of the main drugs for diabetes. At present, the length of time that insulin preparation is commonly used in our country is divided into the following:
Ultra short - acting insulin
There are prolactin (remy insulin) and nori and rui (mentocline insulin). This product will be effective 10 to 20 minutes after injection. The 40 minutes will be the peak effect. The duration of the injection will be 3 ~ 5 hours, before the meal can be injected.
Short-acting insulin
There are two kinds of pig and human insulin. Noand ling R, yulin R and ganshu Lin R are insulin. This product will start 30 minutes after injection and lasts for 5 ~ 7 hours. It can be used for subcutaneous, intramuscular injection and intravenous drip, usually under subcutaneous injection 30 minutes before the meal.
Medium effect insulin
There are nos and spirits N, eulin N and gan shu Lin N. This product is effective 3 hours after injection, and 6 ~ 8 hours is the peak of action. The duration is 14 ~ 16 hours. Duration of duration is related to dose. The medium - effect insulin can be mixed with the short-acting insulin and can be used separately. The medium - effect insulin is injected once or twice daily, depending on the condition. Subcutaneous or muscular injection, but not intravenous drip. The medium - effect insulin is suspension, shake well before extraction.
Long acting insulin (including zinc protamine insulin)
Such as come to pick (insulin), peace (insulin), this article generally for daily injections in the evening, work time was 1.5 hours, smooth effect can keep 22 hours, and not easy to happen nocturnal hypoglycemia, less adverse reaction also weight gain; The domestic long-acting insulin is the zinc pig insulin, already in clinical use. This product is effective 4 hours after the injection, 8 ~ 12 hours is the peak of the action, lasting about 24 hours, its disadvantage is the drug absorption difference, the effect is unstable. Long - acting insulin is not generally used, often with short - acting insulin, not intravenous drip.
Premixed insulin
It is a pre-mixed insulin preparation for the short and medium - term insulin in a different proportion (30/70 /, 50/50, 70/30), such as norand psionic 30R for 30% of the nos and psionic R and 70% of the nn and spirit N premixed insulin. Choose 30/70 or 50/50, 70/30, according to the patient's post-breakfast and post-lunch blood glucose level to determine the previous dose of subcutaneous injection. According to the patient's meal, and the following morning, the blood glucose level was determined before the meal.