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An article gives you a thorough understanding of insulin res

People from the fields of diabetes, heart disease and public health say some progress has been made in scientific research on insulin resistance in recent years.
It was not until this century that insulin resistance and pre-diabetes began to be the focus of medical research.
Insulin resistance syndrome, metabolic syndrome, and even X syndrome, these terms refer to the risk factors associated with insulin resistance.
The classic symptoms of diabetes since the 17th century, by contrast, have been well known to the public. More than a century ago, researchers discovered the role of the pancreas and insulin in diabetes.
Insulin resistance has been used as a risk factor for type 2 diabetes, but the cause of type 2 diabetes is not so simple. So what is insulin resistance and how is it developed?
Insulin resistance is a "silent" risk factor for diabetes and other risk factors for cardiovascular disease
Insulin resistance still exists when blood glucose levels rise in patients with type 2 diabetes when it is no longer silent
This is a complex phenomenon, and it is known that recent research has led to a better understanding of the science of diabetes
There are no signs or symptoms of insulin resistance in pre-diabetes or pre-diabetes
Insulin resistance alone can also be normal
And obese or overweight, there is the people of the family history of hypertension or diabetes mellitus, insulin resistance was turned into a risk factor for diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and became a member of the "group of" other risk factors
There is only insulin resistance and there is no need to be treated, but the risk of five and 10 years can be prevented through lifestyle and medical measures.