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Design insulin injection pens for the Indian market

In order to solve this problem, jiangsu wan hai medical instrument co., LTD., design a new insulin pen, first-class in both functional and can avoid all kinds of existing patent restrictions. Basically all the traditional insulin-injection pen design elements have been patented and have been successfully designed to improve and improve the existing products.
Jiangsu wanhai medical equipment co., LTD. Is a medical design project for disposable and reusable insulin injection pens. The final product is expected to boost the level of diabetes treatment in India by providing patients with the ability to carry, secretly and easily use insulin injections.
Jiangsu wanhai medical equipment co., ltd. has been hoping to introduce a moderately priced disposable and reusable insulin injection pen in the Indian health care market. But the patent restrictions on its existing designs have made it impossible for them to invest in production in cost-effective ways.
In the field of insulin products with high patent density, it has opened up a new intellectual property platform, and the effective delivery of disposable and reusable insulin-injected pen products; To bring a new product experience to millions of Indian users, and help the company to achieve the world's leading position in the world of insulin products.