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Does insulin make fat?

A few patients caused by the application of purity is not enough for a long time animal insulin in the body to produce more quantity of antibody of insulin resistance, often need to increase the dose, but in people with high purity or insulin, its dosage can be reduced. As it turns out, insulin is not dependent.
Diabetes is a metabolic disease caused by insulin-producing and/or insulin-acting defects. Doctors recommend the use of insulin therapy according to the needs of patients, many patients with insulin injections have various concerns, think that once used insulin cannot leave, will be like drug addiction, so simply refuse to insulin treatment; Or wait for a slight remission, then stop using it. Insulin is actually a normal secretion of hormones in our body. It is the hormone that can reduce blood sugar. Insulin is not dependent on diabetes.
"Again, insulin injections don't necessarily mean getting fat." Some women with diabetes are very resistant to insulin treatment, believing that insulin is a hormone that can quickly rise in weight after reaching the body. Insulin can indeed make the patient's weight gain, but and prevention of hypoglycemia, patients often reasonable movement, control diet, can also be stable in a state of an ideal weight.