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Don't exercise immediately after insulin injection

Now insulin therapy has become the choice of many people with diabetes, insulin is necessary for some patients, but diabetes insulin superstition, don't think after injected insulin scruples diet movement, this is wrong. Here is insulin to help sugar friends control diabetes better.
Experts point out that, in patients with diabetes, 95% are Ⅱ diabetes. Ⅱ diabetes also called non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus before, the name for a lot of people are misleading, thought only type Ⅰ diabetes need insulin injections, Ⅱ treatment diabetes need insulin injections. In fact, sick time long Ⅱ with type 1 diabetes is insulin resistance and insulin secretion deficiency at the same time. By injecting insulin, the blood sugar can be controlled more effectively, reducing the risk of complications. Because of this, since 1999, the world health organization has stopped mentioning the name non-insulin-dependent diabetes.
Besides Ⅰ diabetes, Ⅱ diabetes appear the following situation, injectable insulin therapy. Patients with fasting blood sugar of more than 9mmol/L when the disease is ill, the insulin-secreting function is poor, suitable for injection of 4-8 weeks of insulin. On the one hand, it helps to restore the body's own insulin secretion. When the blood sugar is reduced to a reasonable level, the patient can continue to treat it with oral glucose-lowering medication.
In addition, Ⅱ diabetes patients with acute complications, such as ketoacidosis, ketosis hypertonic coma, lactic acidosis, often endanger the safety of life, then must according to the condition a moderate amount of insulin injections. Ⅱ with type 1 diabetes appear serious chronic complications, such as stroke, cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction, diabetes, kidney disease, diabetes, retinal pathological changes, such as damage to the target organs such as brain, heart, kidney, insulin helps control and delay the complications.
Diabetes patients with stress, such as surgery, severe trauma, severe infection, pregnancy and childbirth, etc., should be taking insulin treatment, can have a stable blood sugar, to avoid the effect of acute onset of diabetes. Some special types of diabetes, such as juvenile onset of adult onset diabetes, or diabetes, caused by hormones and pancreatic resection caused by diabetes, the cause is clear, with a lack of insulin, must take insulin.