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The frequency of the insulin-pen injection in the wrong pati

An insulin pen should only be used by one patient. Because blood after insulin injections may return to injection syringe, so even with the new needles, if share an insulin pen will still produce pathogens spread the risk.
Standardized usage. Sure only one type of insulin use insulin pen (short-acting insulin), to reduce the risk of pharmacy application bar code given error insulin pen - this is a bar code system can't identify errors. Other types of insulin are used by pharmacies to mix small bottles (for example, insulin-insulins) or a specific patient syringe prepared by the pharmacy (for example, basic insulin).
Each pen is used to prevent the tape. The pen/pen connection is vertically pasted to prevent the tape, prevent the insulin-pen from returning to the pharmacy and accidentally reuse it.
The bar code label for a particular sequence. Each pen paste the label of a computer-generated, specific sequence of barcodes. The label contains the patient's name, binding the specific insulin pen to a particular patient. The label also covers the manufacturer's barcode to prevent accidental scanning, but does not cover the insulin name and manufacturer's batch number and expiry date.
Only the insulin-pen sticker. The insulins that are attached to the label are issued to the patients in the automatic medicine cabinet (ADCs), and the medicine cases are in the unlabelled bag. This prevents the risk of having a patient's insulin pen placed in a bag labeled by another patient.
Bar code system alarm. If the nurse scan the wrong patients with specific insulin pen label, will be a very obvious alarm to remind the nurse the patients with drugs is not the effective medical advice. This is a forced termination that does not allow the recording of the nurse in the eMAR, unless get and scan correct insulin pen or abandon the barcode scanning workflow, manual record insulin dosage.