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Do insulin-pen needles need to be sterilized

The insulin-pen is an insulin-injection device. It is similar in shape to a pen and can be carried around. When a patient is using an insulin-pen, he can inject insulin with the pen cap of the insulins, which is very convenient. In addition to the ease of operation, the insulin-pen can also accurately control the amount of insulin injected, thereby preventing the patient from injecting an overdose of insulin. Because of the above advantages of the insulin-pen, it is popular with people with diabetes.
However, there are a lot of taboos on the use of the insulins, and people with diabetes can damage the body if they don't pay attention to the use of the pen. Some diabetics, for example, use an alcohol-cotton needle to sterilize a needle in an insulin-pen pen. In fact, this is wrong. The insulin-pen needle is made of coating technology, with a silicon-protective coating on it. This coating not only has lubrication effect, can reduce the pain that the patient is in inject, still have the function of self-disinfection. If you sterilize the needles of an insulin-pen with an alcohol cotton, the alcohol will corrode the silicon-protective membrane on the needle, causing the needle to produce a lot of small burrs. This will not only increase the pain in the patient's injection, but also affect the self-sanitizing function of the needle, which can lead to infection of the needle.
Diabetics need to be reminded that the needles of the insulin pen should not be used over and over again. This is because, in order to reduce the pain of insulin injections, the needle of the insulins is very thin. If repeated, the needles of the insulin-pen will blunt, increasing the pain of insulin injections. As a result, the needles of the insulin-pen should be replaced in general using one time, and must be replaced three times.