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How can remedy in diabetes treatment if forgot inject insuli

All 1 type sugar friends and many 2 type sugar friends for diabetes treatment are using insulin, insulin requirements are generally injected before meals, if finished meal, remember not hit, how should you remedy it? This should be treated in specific circumstances.
A friend who is injected with ultra short acting insulin; can be injected immediately after meals. Breakfast and dinner before the injection of premixed insulin Tangyou before breakfast, if forget to insulin, can also recharge immediately after a meal, and we should pay attention to blood glucose monitoring, plus meals in two meals when necessary; if you want to have up to noon, should check the blood sugar before lunch, if more than 10mmol/L can. Before lunch, a temporary injection of short acting insulin, don't leave sooner or later the two premixed insulin combined into one injection before dinner.
Some use insulin treatment of diabetes mellitus Tangyou to the field of travel and tourism, because too insulin is not convenient or worry out insulin due to frozen and failure, so it used oral hypoglycemic drugs instead of temporary insulin. However, the mechanism and effect of insulin and hypoglycemic drugs are different, and random substitution can cause fluctuation or elevation of blood sugar. Second, for type 1 diabetes and type 2 sugar deficiency drugs, is the medication ineffective and should be treated with insulin?. In fact, as long as the room temperature is not more than 25 degrees, the insulin can not be refrigerated, 1 months will not lapse, you can not worry too much.
Maybe a sugar friend would like to ask, can you just give insulin once a day? The answer is no, at least not for most sugar friends now. If you're taking insulin alone, you need two injections a day.