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The side effect of inject insulin with insulin pen

Many people with diabetes think that insulin is required to develop the form of kidney, blindness and other complications. But doctors emphasize, in fact as long as pay attention to the related issues of insulin treatment, treatment of convenience and safety, and renal and retinal function deterioration, because of poor blood sugar control as a result, rather than the cause of insulin; The effect of insulin, in turn, is to actively control blood sugar and delay the production of these complications.
For prevention and control of diabetes, chang-hsun hsieh doctor remind people, in addition to over 65 regular health checks every year, more than 40 years old, if there is a strong family history of diabetes, overweight, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other risk factors, has a high risk of gestational diabetes groups in the past, also needs to be done once every three years diabetes screening. If has been suffering from diabetes mellitus, in addition to cooperate with doctors instructions drug positive control blood sugar, weight control to improve the metabolism of indicators such as blood glucose, blood pressure and dyslipidemia is more excellent, so it is very important to eat a balanced diet, not on a single nutrient intake, also need to exercise at least three times a week, through diet, exercise, drug management, achieve the goal of stability control of sugar.
Most diabetic patients with oral fall blood sugar medicine can control blood sugar, but the human body itself of the insulin secretion, will with the age growth, the function continues to decline, the majority of patients in a period of time, will face need insulin injection. The cause of the patient's insulin-causing hesitation is usually the side effect that it may have, including low blood sugar and weight gain.