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How much do you know about insulin syringes (insulin pens)?

Insulin plays a vital role in maintaining blood sugar levels. Therefore, insulin syringes cannot be ignored. In recent years, as more companies and laboratories have invested in research and development of insulin syringes, China's insulin syringes have gradually become more and more Mature, but most people still feel blank. Below we will briefly introduce the insulin syringe, which is the type of insulin syringe and insulin syringe.
What is an insulin syringe?
An insulin needleless syringe (also known as an insulin needleless injection system) is a device that is injected by pressure. Needle-free syringes are divided by power unit, spring mechanical power, CO2 gas power and electric power; according to ampoule capacity, there are three specifications: 0.3ml, 0.5ml and 1.0ml; the appearance size has micro pen type and hand gun type The hand-held gun type is mainly pneumatic, used for immunization injection of group groups, and subdivided into two types: human and veterinary. The micro-pen type is mainly driven by spring, and is widely used in insulin, interferon, vaccine, etc. Injection of liquid medicines.
The figure below shows the structure of the insulin syringe.
What types of insulin syringes are there?
A variety of different types of insulin syringes are now available on the market. In contrast, most insulin syringes can be divided into two categories: single-use insulin syringes and reusable insulin syringes.
Disposable insulin syringes: intuitive and reliable dose calibration, usually containing pre-filled insulin, even if thrown, can not be used again
Reusable insulin syringes: including pens, vials and needles, which can be prefilled with new vials after each injection and must be replaced with new disposable insulin injection needles. After proper storage, the reusable insulin syringe can be used for several years (usually designed for two years).