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Protein and insulin

Why does protein intake also lead to insulin secretion? Some people think that it is because of the insulin secretion caused by the conversion of protein into glucose in the liver. However, the conversion of protein to glucose is a slow process, and the secretion of insulin after protein intake is like a carbohydrate to rush. In this experiment, it was observed that after ingesting the four protein powders, the insulin level in the body reached a peak in 30 minutes and then decreased sharply. This dramatic change in insulin levels is not generally thought to be due to an increase in blood glucose levels. In fact, the experiment observed that the blood glucose level of the whey protein group that secreted the most insulin decreased even in the first 30 minutes.
Why does whey protein secrete the most insulin? Experiments have shown that insulin secretion may be related to satiety. Or compared with the above four protein powders, the experiment found that the whey protein group injected the least amount of heat when the subjects were allowed to relax after eating the four protein powders. This suggests that whey protein has a better satiety than other protein sources, and this satiety has some correlation with insulin secretion. Moreover, the amino acids constituting the protein are also considered to be able to directly instruct the pancreas to cause the pancreas to secrete insulin.